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Lack of response to and resolution of an InvoiceSherpa help ticket

Hi - I have a problem!  I have a help ticket in this system for a bounced Propay / InvoiceSherpa auto payment that bounced a full month ago.

I finally got the answer that this was an InvoiceSherpa software issue (the software dropped a digit off of the memorized bank account number that my client entered.)

I've been charged the bounced payment fees, still can't find a decent account of this issue in my InvoiceSherpa account, and I need the fees reversed.

I haven't received a response on this issue from InvoiceSherpa.  Propay has clarified what happened, but it has now been a month, that client will have to make up their payments, and I need to hear back from someone from InvoiceSherpa, please!!!

Thank you,

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