You can control several aspects of how InvoiceSherpa sends your automatic reminders on the Company Settings screen.

To open the Company Settings screen, select Settings from the left navigation area. Select the Company Settings tab at the top of the screen.

The Company Settings screen allows you to change your logo or company information that you entered when you created your InvoiceSherpa account.

To define your company preferences, complete the following steps:

  1. Check the Hold All Actions on Weekends box to postpone any reminders, recurring charges or late fees until the following Monday.
  2. Your InvoiceSherpa account sends several system messages depending on actions that you have taken. You can check the Unsubscribe from all system emails box to prevent these emails from being sent.
  3. InvoiceSherpa system emails are sent to the primary contact's email. Check the Send Reminder to All Emails box to also send these messages to email addresses for other users who have access to your InvoiceSherpa account.
  4. Check the Hide "Powered By" logo box to turn off this logo at the bottom of reminder emails that go to your customers.
  5. Check the Hide "Dowload PDF" button box to remove the ability for customers to download a PDF invoice of their invoices from the emailed reminders.
  6. Select Edit next to Edit Statement Template to make changes to the template used when sending statements.
  7. Check the Show Credit Memos on Statements box to show credit memos or notes on statements.
  8. If you have a number of invoices and reminders going to individual customers each day, you may want to combine multiple reminders into a statement instead. Enter the number of reminders to combine. When the Combine Reminder Limit field is blank, individual reminders are always sent. To combine reminders, enter a number. For example, if you enter 5, then whenever a customer has 5 or more reminders scheduled, a statement is sent instead of the individual reminders.
  9. Invoice Ready emails are not sent for recurring payments if a customer has a payment method on file. Check the Send Ready Emails for Recurring Payments box if you do want to send the Invoice Ready emails for these customers.
  10. The Don't Queue Reminders When System Paused checkbox controls how the system handles reminders generated while your system is paused. If the box is checked, then only new reminders are sent after you unpause your system.
  11. To automatically pause reminders for invoices that are below a set amount, enter the amount in the Minimum Reminder Amount field. Enter only numbers. 
  12. To delay sending automatic reminders for invoice ready emails, enter the number of minutes to delay in the Ready Reminder Delay field.

The Company Settings screen also allows you to create a customized reminder footer and schedule specific dates and times for reminders to be sent.