The Info section on the Customer detail screen shows the date the customer last made a payment. It also shows the last contact, such as if an automatic reminder was sent. The Info section includes the customer's average past due number of days, balance and stored payment methods.

The Outstanding by Days section provides information about the current state of the invoices for this customer. You can see the customer's average days past due, total outstanding, and a bar chart showing the totals and number of invoices for Current Invoices, Invoices past due by 0-30 days, Invoices past due by 31-60 days, Invoices past due by 31-60 days, Invoices past due by 61-90 days, and Invoices past due more than 90 days.

You can use the bar chart to filter the Open Invoices view for the customer.

The Open Invoices area below the Outstanding by Days section provides a list of all open invoices for the selected customer. Each invoice shows the details for the open invoice, with links for the following actions:

You can also select the Invoice number to open a PDF of that invoice for the customer.

The Invoice Notes section shows any notes that have been added for an invoice. The date and time of the note are shown, along with the note text. Select the pencil icon to make changes to the note. Select the X to delete a note. Select Add Notes to add a note for this customer.

The Reminder History section shows any reminders that have been sent to this customer. You can see the type of reminder sent, the date and time it was sent, and the status of when the customer viewed or opened the reminder. A link to view a PDF of the invoice is also available.