To define a payment plan, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Payment Plans from the left navigation area.

  2. Select Add Payment Plan.

  1. Enter the Customer name. You can begin entering the first few letters and InvoiceSherpa will show a list of matching customer records. Select the customer for which you want to enter the payment method.

  2. The Customer Invoices field includes a drop down list of invoices for the selected customer. Select the invoice for which you want to create a payment plan.

  3. In the Down Payment Amount field, enter the amount you want to collect from the customer as soon as the payment plan is created. 

  4. For the Start Date, select the date when you want to start the payment plan and collect the down payment. The Start Date defaults to the current date.

  5. For the Due Date, select the date by which the customer will pay the remainder of the invoice. 

  6. Select a Payment Frequency from the drop down list (i.e., Daily, Weekly or Monthly).

InvoiceSherpa creates payments based on the total amount, the deposit amount, the due date and the frequency selected. You can see the list of Payments and make changes to the other fields if necessary.

  1. Select Save Payment Plan.