A proactive revenue recovery template defines the email that a customer receives in association with an automatic payment when the payment method on file is about to expire. The message will provide a link for the customer to update the credit card information.

To define your proactive revenue recovery template, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Settings from the left navigation area.

  2. Select the Payment Integration tab at the top.

  3. Select Edit next to Edit Proactive Revenue Recovery Template.

A sample Edit Reminder Template screen is illustrated below. The left side allows you to edit the template, and the right side allows you to preview the template.

  1. Edit the Template Name if desired to help you organize your templates in other ares of InvoiceSherpa

  2. Enter the email address to use as the From Address. Such as from accounting department, or specific person

  3. Edit the Subject Line. The default Subject Line includes the name of the company defined in InvoiceSherpa with "Credit Card Expiring". Note the Company_Name scripted variable is included by default.

  4. Edit the Header Text to show at the top of the email.

  5. Enter the Hex number (in the format #xxxxxx) to use for the Text Color.

  6. The logo associated with the company from which the invoice will be sent is automatically included. You can change the logo by dragging and dropping the image or clicking the manual upload link.

  7. Enter the Hex number (in the format #xxxxxx) to use for the Background Color.

  8. Select the Template Style to switch to one of InvoiceSherpa's built-in templates. The colors and other information you have selected are retained, but changed to the new style. You can also use your own template, if desired.

  9. Edit the Email Text to use your own wording for the emails that get sent using this template. A number of tools are available to format your email.

  10. To send a preview of the email template, enter the Email Address to receive the preview and select Send Preview.

  11. Select Save Template.

The Email Preview also shows some basic information that cannot be customized, including the card type, the last 4 digits of the card number, the expiration month and the link for the customer to update the payment information. Your company details are also shown at the bottom of the email.