Payment Integration allows you to get collect payments faster by making it easy for your customers to pay their invoices directly from the invoice reminders. Users in the U.S. can use InvoiceSherpa's Merchant Servcies to start taking credit card and eCheck/ACH payments. InvoiceSherpa integrates with a number of other services if you already have a payment gateway. 

Define your Payment Integration settings to indicate how InvoiceSherpa should behave under different circumstances.

To define payment integrations, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Settings tab from the left navigation area.

  2. Select the Payment Integration tab at the top.

  1. The Largest Amount to Show Credit Card Payment Option allows you to hide a credit card payment option for invoices over a certain amount. This is to help you minimize your credit card surcharge fees. Enter the amount, and for any invoice over that amount, the customer will only see the eCheck/bank payment option.
  2. Check the Show eCheck Option First box to default to the payment tab that shows eCheck/bank payment information on a customer's invoice payment options. This option does not hide the credit card payment option, but still may help minimize your credit card surcharge fees by showing the eCheck option first.
  3. Define a Reactive or Proactive Revenue Recovery template, if desired.
  4. To disable the proactive revenue recovery message, check the Disable Proactive Revenue Recovery box.
  5. Select Save Changes.

The Payment Integration screen also allows you to define your third party gateways. Please contact InvoiceSherpa if you need assistance with connecting your third party gateway.

The following video shows the Payment Integration process and procedures.