When you set up recurring payments at the Customer Level, every invoice for the indicated customer(s) will be charged automatically to the payment method(s) of the customer(s) on file. (To learn how to add a customer payment method, click here.)

Follow the steps below if you would like to set up Recurring Payments at the Customer Level.

1. Ensure that Just Recurring Invoices is selected in the Recurring Payments Settings screen.

2. To indicate which customer(s) should have every one of their invoices charged automatically, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Customers from the left navigation area.

  2. Locate the customer for whom you want to change all invoices to automatic billing and select the Payment Settings button for that customer. 

  3. Check the Auto Pay box.

  4. Select Save Settings.

A sample Payment Settings screen is illustrated below.

Additionally, customers can enroll themselves into automatic payments at the Customer Level.

To learn how to set up recurring payments at the System Level, click here.

To learn how to set up recurring payments at the Invoice Level, click here.