The Recurring Payments feature allows you to make automatic charges to a Customer Payment Method on file for invoices. You'll need to indicate which invoices to charge and when to charge them in the Recurring Payments Settings. You can set up recurring payments at the System Level, the Customer Level or at the Invoice level. *We highly suggest you read each guide to determine which method of setting up Recurring Payments is best for your company. 

The Recurring Payments screen shows Customer Payment Methods, the Recent Recurring Charges, and Scheduled Recurring Charges. For each list, you can Search for a specific item, Sort the list of customers or charges, view the details of the invoice, or run the automatic payment now (if you do not want to wait for the scheduled charge date).

To open the Recurring Payments screen, select the Recurring Payments option from the left navigation area.

A sample Recurring Payments screen is illustrated below.