Customer Portal:

Here we can create a custom portal that allows your customers to view, pay, and ask questions about all of their invoices!

This is fantastic way to give your customers a one stop show, allowing them to view all of their current and past invoices, manage payments, and keep up to date on their account. By default we have the portal set to a stand alone website, but with some HTML know how you can embed it into your existing website.

When you first go into the portal you will see all your customer in there with some basic information about them. On the right you will see the control panel for the customer. You can send an invite from there, preview their portal page and set their username/password. If they need the invite resent, it will be replace with a Re-Invite button once the intial invite is sent.

When your customer logs into the portal they will see a homepage with some useful information. Towards the bottom they will see their recent invoices with you, and will have the option to pay them right there! They will also have an Invoices tab at the top that will show them all their invoices. And lastly they have an Account Info tab, where they can update their information they have on file.

Back to your side of things, you will see an Edit Customer Portal tab at the top. Here you can get the code needed to embed into your own website. To do so simply pick the As a iFrame incorporated in your website option then copy the code into your site where you want the portal to be.

If your keeping it as a stand alone website, we offer a way to change the prefix of the portal. So you can set it to your company name and that will then link to your customer portal!

You can also link your own CSS file if you'd like to control the style sheets of the portal. That's it for the customer portal. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.