Customers Page:

Here is the page for all things customer. You will have all your customers brought in from your accounting software here. By default we hide your zero balance customers, so if you are looking for one make sure to uncheck the Hide Zero Balance customers box on the top left.

On the main Customers page you will see Name - Phone Number(s) - Email Address(es) - Outstanding Balance - Average Days Past Due. Then you will see Schedule which is where you set which Reminder Schedule you want for the customer. If you are using multiple schedules this is where you want to change it. If you are just using one Reminder Schedule, you don't need to do anything with this setting. After that you will see the status of the customers Reminders/Statements/Late Fees. When you click on a customer, you will have buttons on the top right to easily toggle these on and off per customer. Back to the main page for the last item which is Payment Settings. Here you can enable Autopay for your customers. Check the box to enable the customer for autopay. Keep in mind you will still need to add them to the Recurring Payments section of our site. Your customers also can enable this setting when they make a payment through one of our reminders.

On the top right you will see a Choose Action dropdown menu. This has the options to Send Manual Reminder, Turn On/Off Reminders Statements and Late Fees and Change Customer Reminder Schedule. To use this, simply check one or more of the boxes next to the desired customer(s), then click the drop down menu and selected the needed action.

Now lets go ahead and go back into one of your customers. Click on their name and you will be brought to a page where along the top you will see the customers name, their email address and their phone number. The email address listed is where the reminders will be sent to. You can click the pencil icon next to the email to edit or add more email address. To add more than one, separate the email addresses with a comma. This setting will override the email address you have set in your accounting software. Below this you will see the info box. Here we keep some handy information available. You will see the last payment, the last contact(ie the last email sent), average past due time, past due amount, and thier payment method. To the right of that box you will see a few actions that you can manually run. Those actions are Send Reminder, Make a Call, Send Statement and Send to Collections. Send Reminder will pop up a window were you select the invoice and the template you would like to send the reminder with. Make a Call will pop open a window where you can record a note after calling a customer. Send Statement will immediately send a statement to the customer. And finally Send to Collections will allow you to send the invoice to a collections agency we have partnered with.

Next you will see a nice graphic showing you a breakdown of the Outstanding by Days for the customer. Its a handy way to get an overall view on the customers invoices. Below that you will see Open Invoices, which as you can guess has all the open invoices for the customer listed there. On the right side of the open invoices you can choose manual actions for a particular invoice. Those options are Send Manual Reminder, Get Payment Link(if you want to email a customer the payment link directly), Pause/Un-Pause Reminders for Invoice and finally Take a Note. Below that you will see all the notes taken for the customer under Invoice notes. Call Records is where you will see any notes entered using the Make a Call option at the top of the page. And lastly you will see Reminder History, this will list all the scheduled actions sent to the customer, and you can also see if and when they opened the email! Just another way we enable you to get paid!

Thats it for the Customer page. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to answer them!