Managing your cashflow isn't only about getting paid, but also making sure you pay your own bills on time. We offer Accounts Payable so you can get your payables on automatic too! When you submit a Payable, right away we will print and mail a check to your client/vendor. To use this feature you will need to first add a bank account to pay from. To do so go into your Settings and then to the Accounts Payable tab. You should see this screen:

From there you can add your bank account information, as well as add additional bank accounts if needed. Once that is setup you can go into the Accounts Payable section on the main menu. We will pull in any bills you have in your accounting system and provide a simple, easy and effective way to pay your bills in one place. You can also setup your bills to autopay for the full automation experience! You will see a record of all the bills paid through out system under Paid Bills. 

Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions regarding our Accounts Payable system!