Scheduled Actions - How do they work?

Here we will be breaking down our Scheduled Actions so you can be sure that you are getting the actions you need to get paid faster! All of our actions have a default template, however you can customize all of the them using our template editor or by uploading your own html template. To access the template editor simply hit the pencil icon next to the action you would like to edit.

First is the most common, and usually the most important Send Invoice Email Reminder. This will schedule an action to for a reminder email to be sent out based on the timing you set. You can assign this schedule to both before and after the due date, with the days before/after customizable when you edit the action(gear icon).

Next we have the Invoice Ready Email. This will send an email to your clients when they have an invoice brought into our system. Once you have it created in your accounting platform and then synced to InvoiceSherpa, it will shoot out an email to the client informing them of the invoice and offering them the ability to pay it right then and there! We start you off with this action by default, however it you would like to add it to another schedule, just drag it to the green box and you are set!

A little thank you goes a long way, and that is why we offer the Send Paid Thank You Email. Collecting invoices is something that directly affects your client relationships. We have found that a simple Thank You can help create a better client experience! We have this added to your default schedule, however if you would like to add it to a new schedule, simply drag it to the green box.

Next up is our Send Live Phone Call action. Sometimes emails are not enough, and we offer a way to kick it up a notch with a phone call from one of our agents. To add this action, drag it to the red box, then edit the action and set the amount of days after the due date you would like it to trigger. Please be aware, this action does have a charge of $0.99/min.

Want something a little more subtle? Send an SMS with Send SMS Invoice Reminder! Everyone takes their cell phones with them, so there are no out of office excuses with this one. You can add this action by dragging it over to the red box. Then edit the action and select how many days after the due date you would like this to trigger. You can also edit the template and customize what you would like the text to say!

Moving along we have the Send Internal Staff Reminder action. Sometimes keeping track of aged invoices can be difficult. Maybe you want your staff to know when an invoice is really late so you can give the customer a call. This action will send an email to you and/or your team notifying you that an invoice is late. You can edit the action to set how many days late you would like this to trigger. Also you can add the email addresses to be notified and to send it to multiple addresses just add a comma between them.

Next is the Send Statement action. You will notice on the bottom of the Invoice Reminders screen we have a place to schedule statements to be sent to all your clients. This action is for if you would like to send a statement to select clients for every invoice they have in the system. Most of our customers use the Scheduled Statements at the bottom of the screen and set it to a particular day of the month. Remember not to set both, or your clients may be getting one too many emails. The statement breaks down all the invoices currently open for that client, and offers a way for them to pay each of the invoices. This is great if you have a lot of clients with multiple invoices, as it gives a holistic view of their debts with you.

Now its time for the big guns, a client hasn't paid and you've exhausted all your other options. We give you a way to automatically send an unpaid invoice to collections using the Send to Collections action. This is a step nobody wants to get to, but unfortunately sometimes its necessary. You can always use your own local collections agency, however if you would like to automate the process just drag the action to the red box. You will need to then edit the action and set the amount of days late you would like it to trigger. We will inform you when an invoice is triggered to be sent to collections, if you would like to stop that please reach out to our support ASAP and we will get it cancelled.

Finishing off our actions we have Send Credit Memo Created. If you credit a customer back using a credit memo, this will send an email to them informing them of the credit. To add the action drag it to the green box. You can customize the template using the pencil icon.

And that is it! If you have any questions about our Scheduled Actions, please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to provide the answers!