InvoiceSherpa is a simple, but powerful system designed to get your customers to pay their invoices on time. The system does this in 3 major ways:

  1. Before an invoice is due we send customer alerts that their invoice is available and that their due date is coming up.
  2. After an invoice is late we send them different reminders letting them know it's now late and asking them to pay their invoice as soon as possible.
  3. Finally, if all of those fail we offer an additional step of allowing you to send the invoice to our in-house team of AR professionals who will contact your client directly about their invoice or send that client to a third party collections agency.

What does a reminder look like?

Here is a basic example, notice it's branded with your company name (it can also be your logo) and it has a handy Pay Invoice link to let your customers pay as soon as they receive the invoice reminder. They also have the option to download a PDF of their invoice!