Integrating with your Xero account is an easy way to add automated accounts receivables through InvoiceSherpa into your business. We have tried to make this as easy as possible and with this guide we'll walk you through exactly how to get started. First things first, visit the InvoiceSherpa home page: and sign up for an account. If you have already signed up and have not linked an accounting platform yet, you will get a popup once you login that starts with entering in your Company information and logo[Please note: If you have signed up and synced with another accounting platform, please reach out to our support and we will assist with syncing the new platform]. Once that is entered you will be able to choose Xero as the accounting platform you would like to link:

Next you'll be taken to the Xero website to login and authorize InvoiceSherpa:

And that's it! As soon as you click authorize the window will automatically close and you will be see a completed setup message and once you click next you will be redirected to your new homepage: